среда, 4 июня 2008 г.

Jokes i've heard from my friends

Maddy: No.

Max: Do you believe in mind reading?
Laura Moeller

Mother Mouse was taking her children for a stroll. Suddenly a large cat appeared in their path. Mother Mouse shouted, "Bow-wow-wow!" and the cat scurried away.

"You see, my children," Mother Mouse said, "it pays to learn a second language."
Rosa Hernandez

Kate: Did you like the story about the dog that ran two miles just to pick up a stick?

Nate: No, I thought it was a little far-fetched.
Sarah Streit

Mom: What happens if you're trying to drum but you don't know how?

Ian: Beats me!
Ian Sutcliffe

"Knock, knock!"

"Who's there?"


"Boomerang who?"

"Boomerang the doorbell. Guess we should let him in!"

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